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When choosing a dentist for any type of dental treatment, there is more to consider than price alone. We are not the cheapest but we offer the best price for the quality of service we provide. If your choice of dentist is based on price alone, we are probably not the clinic for you.
Please note that prices shown below are for guidance only. Detailed price information for each patient will be given at your first consultation.



Emergency Consultation 25,00€
Emergency Weekend Consultation 50,00€
Consultation 25,00€
Diagnostic Periodontal Consultation 50,00€
Clinical Exams:  
X-Ray 15,00€
Ortopantomography X-Ray 45,00€
Cone Beam Computed Tomography (3-D Scan) 150,00€
Oral Hygiene 75,00€
In-Office Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening 450,00€
At-Home Whitening Kit 250,00€
Bleaching Kit of 2 Seringes 40,00€
Sealing (per Tooth) 25,00€
Biflourid (Durapaht/Elyzol) 25,00€
Absolute Insulation 50,00€
Amalgam Removal + Filling 75,00€
Temporary Filling 50,00€
Definitive Filling 75,00€
Dental Pivot 175,00€
Root Canal: 1 Root 125,00€
Root Canal: 2 Roots 150,00€
Root Canal: 3 Roots 200,00€
Root Canal Re-Treament (Per Session) 100,00€
Extraction 50,00€/75,00€
Osteotomy or Odontosection Extraction 75,00€
Extraction of 3rd Molar 100,00€
Surgical Extraction of 3rd Molar 225,00€
Sutures 25,00€
Orthodontic Treatment By Consultation
Orthodontic Space Maintainer 250,00€
Night Guard By Consultation
Splint 75,00€
Orthodontic Wax 3,00€
1st Implantology Consultation (Deducted From Treatment) 75,00€
Implant 800,00€
Definitive Crown on Implant 800,00€
Ceramic Implant 1200,00€
Definitive Crown on Ceramic Implant 1200,00€
All on 4 7700,00€/3300,00€
Sinus Lift per Quadrant By Consultation
GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration) By Consultation
Metal/Ceramic Crown 500,00€
Zirconium/Ceramic Crown 650,00€
Bridge Per Element (Metal/Ceramic or Zirconium/Ceramic) 500,00€/650,00€
Veneer 550,00€
Re-Cementation of Crown Per Element 35,00€
Temporary Tooth Screwed onto Implant Per Element 175,00€
Removable Metal Denture 900,00€/1200,00€
Removable Acrylic Denture 600,00€/900,00€
Simple Denture Repair 75,00€
Repair by Welding 150,00€
Addition of 1 Tooth on Denture 75,00€
Rebasing of Denture 150,00€
Conscious Sedation (w / 15 min) 50,00€/25,00€
Apicectomy 450,00€
Frenectomy 150,00€
Oral Hygiene Accessories:  
Tooth Brush/Inter-Dental Brushes 5,00€
Dental Floss Holder 5,00€
Dental Soft Picks (x2) / Dental Floss Threader 5,00€
Oral Irrigator 50,00€


If you want efficient, competent, good value service, use Cris!
What would have taken months in the UK was completed by Cris in days.My implants are superb. I felt totally comfortabe through the whole proceedure.
Value excellent! Manner excellent. Results excellent!
Recommendation Any time!

George Lang.Testimonials


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