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Local Dentist Talks about Implants

Local Dentist Talks about Implants

Given the modern quest to look younger, fitter and healthier, it has become essential to have good-looking teeth and a beautiful smile. Current research has also shown just how easily a dental infection can affect the overall general health of a person. Perhaps you have thought about “getting something done”, but have dismissed the idea as too late in the day or simply too expensive. If you spend a little time in the company of local dentist Dr Cris Piessens, you quickly come to realise that there is virtually no such thing as “too late” and much can also be done to help make new teeth affordable.

With the range of possibilities expanding so quickly, you may well wonder what the process involves, what is the best thing for you to do, how much it all costs. Dr Cris Piessens, who established his clinic in Albufeira more than 15 years ago, is a Belgian dentist with many years’ experience.  He is making himself available to provide answers about these new techniques and other dental problems, in a series of talks across the Algarve. He specialises in dental implants and will be able to give a clear idea of just what modern dentistry can now do and how this could help you, particularly as the costs involved, perhaps surprisingly, are considerably less than you might pay in the UK. Dr. Piessens has a long list of satisfied clients, and will have pictures of ‘before’ and ‘after’ available to show just what can be done.

Check out the next available dates at the reception desk. Come and listen to Dr Piessens, and this will give you a chance to find out more about ways of improving your teeth as well as the chance to ask him for free about any particular concerns in an open forum afterwards. You will not be making any commitment by coming to listen to him, you will be under no obligation, and the talks are free. Come and find out just what is involved in having trouble-free teeth you can be proud of.

Please book a place in advance, so refreshments can be organised.


If you want efficient, competent, good value service, use Cris!
What would have taken months in the UK was completed by Cris in days.My implants are superb. I felt totally comfortabe through the whole proceedure.
Value excellent! Manner excellent. Results excellent!
Recommendation Any time!

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