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Dental Service Prices

Treatment Types Price(EUR)
Emergency Consultation 25€
Emergency Weekend Consultation 50€
Consultation 25€
Diagnostic Periodontal Consultation 50€
Clinical Exams: X-Ray 15€
Clinical Exams: Ortopantomography X-Ray 45€
Clinical Exams: Cone Beam Computed Tomography (3-D Scan) 150€
Oral Hygiene 75€
In-Office Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening 450€
At-Home Whitening Kit 250€
Bleaching Kit of 2 Seringes 40€
Sealing (per Tooth) 25€
Biflourid (Durapaht/Elyzol) 25€
Absolute Insulation 50€
Amalgam Removal + Filling 75€
Temporary Filling 50€
Definitive Filling 75€
Dental Pivot 175€
Root Canal: 1 Root 125€
Root Canal: 2 Roots 150€
Root Canal: 3 Roots 200€
Root Canal Re-Treament (Per Session) 100€
Extraction 50€ > 75€
Osteotomy or Odontosection Extraction 75€
Extraction of 3rd Molar 100€
Surgical Extraction of 3rd Molar 225€
Sutures 25€
Orthodontic Treatment Cost on request
Orthodontic Space Maintainer 250€
Night Guard Cost on request
Orthodontic Wax 3€
1st Implantology Consultation (Deducted From Treatment) 75€
Implant 800€
Definitive Crown on Implant 800€
Ceramic Implant 1200€
Definitive Crown on Ceramic Implant 1200€
All on 4 (included protocol AO4+ first set of same day teeth) 7700€
All on 4 ( including definitive teeth to be fixed at least 6 months of osseointegration) 3300€
Sinus Lift per Quadrant Cost on request
GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration) Cost on request
Metal/ Ceramic Crown 500€
Zirconium / Ceramic Crown 650€
Bridge per element (Metal/Ceramic ou Zirconium/Ceramic) 500€ > 650€
Veneer 550€
Re-Cementation of Crown per element 35€
Temporary Tooth Screwed onto Implant per Element 175€
Removable Metal Denture 900€ > 1200€
Removable Acrylic Denture 600€ > 900€
Simple Denture Repair 75€
Repair by Welding 150€
Addition of 1 Tooth on Denture 75€
Rebasing of Denture 150€
Conscious Sedation (w/ 15 min) 50€ > 25€
Apicectomy 450€
Frenectomy 150€
Oral Hygiene Accessories: Tooth Brush/Inter-Dental Brushes 5€
Oral Hygiene Accessories: Floss Holder 5€
Oral Hygiene Accessories: Dental Floss Theader 1€
Oral Hygiene Accessories: Oral Irrigator 50€

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Our dentists are committed to improving your general dental health and restoring your smile. We are a specialist dental practice also offering the best and most affordable dental implants for your oral health and rehabilitation. Make a FREE dental implants consultation and assessment for a personal treatment plan and meet our friendly and professional staff.

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