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All on 4

The All on 4 ® technique is a minimally invasive procedure that consists in replacing all of your teeth on the upper or the lower jaw (or both) with just 4 dental implants that will support a fixed bridge that is screwed onto the implants, only removable by your dentist.

A new set of teeth in just 1 day

At our clinic we provide patients suffering from missing teeth, ill fitting dentures or failing dentition with an efficient and effective restoration in just one day.
These patients enter at 9:00 a.m., have implant surgery done and leave the clinic smiling by 6:00 p.m. with a new set of bright and functional teeth.

The surgical part is performed by Dr. Cris Piessens in sterile operating room setting using conscious sedation and local anaesthesia.

Patients get to rest in our supervised recovery room while their prosthesis is being customised.

A few hours later they are fitted a fixed bridge and are usually able to return to their normal activities within a day or so.

All on 4

It is a wonderful treatment plan for the right patient

Maybe you have been told you have insufficient bone to get dental implants?

Regardless of tooth loss or bone loss, now it is possible to place dental implants in almost any jaw.

In fact, the All on 4 ® technique gives the chance to patients with severe bone loss to get fixed prosthesis on the same day of the implant surgery where other conventional techniques would fail.

In our clinic we carry out a 3D CT scan (CBCT) in order to assess your bone quality to identify the areas where the implants will get good bone support and excellent prognosis. Furthermore, we use a specific software to plan the surgery ahead of time to ensure that the implants are placed in a totally predictable way and in an optimal position.

All on 4

Advantages offered by this procedure

  • The patient is fitted a new set of fixed teeth on the same day of the intervention
  • It can be done without a bone graft
  • Fewer dental implants are needed
  • Dental implants are placed on the same day as extractions
  • Natural-looking teeth that feel and work like natural dentition
  • Improves facial structure and appearance
  • Highly hygienic – easy to maintain and clean
  • Minimal recovery time
  • It is the most cost-effective option for implant-supported teeth replacement


If you want efficient, competent, good value service, use Cris!
What would have taken months in the UK was completed by Cris in days.My implants are superb. I felt totally comfortabe through the whole proceedure.
Value excellent! Manner excellent. Results excellent!
Recommendation Any time!

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