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Dental Implants Algarve

The Cris Piessens Dental Clinic in the sunny Algarve offers dental implants at an affordable price at a time that suits you.

Before you arrive

The first step is to contact the Cris Piessens Clinic when you will be asked about the nature of the treatment you require and your dental history.

You will then be given detailed information and price estimates before you book your flight.

You have the choice of booking your own accommodation and transport or we can arrange this for you.

All appointments are scheduled prior to your arrival

While you are here

Immediately upon your arrival in the Algarve you will be seen by Dr. Cris Piessens who will conduct a clinical examination. Digital intra-oral X-rays, impressions and photos will also be taken.

Depending on your treatment, you may need more specific X-rays (Cat Scan) taken at “Radiologia de Albufeira” the same day.

As you are a Very Important Patient, all these appointments are made before your arrival and a member of our staff will accompany you at all times.

On the day of implant placement you will receive some sedative premedication, so that under normal local anaesthesia you can relax and undergo a totally painless treatment.

You will leave the clinic a few hours later with a new temporary crown (depending on the individual case – most are fitted immediately or within 24 hours).

Some bruising and swelling will eventually occur the next day. Post-operative pain is mostly very moderate.

You will be given an antibiotic to prevent infection, a painkiller if needed, a disinfectant mouthwash to disinfect and ice to recover fast and comfortably.

The following day Dr. Cris Piessens will give you a further examination and adjust your new teeth if necessary.

At the end of the week, after sutures are removed, a final check will be carried out

Why choose Dr Cris Piessens?

Belgian born Dr Cris Piessens is one of western Europe’s more experienced implantologists celebrating his 1000th implant in 2001. Today, he places between 250 and 300 dental implants every year.

Dr Cris Piessens works with Branemark implants from Nobel Biocare which come with a lifetime guarantee. Other types of implants may be used depending on your individual needs.

Your initial consultation will be with Dr Cris Piessens himself because he does not employ medical agents or consultant surgeons. Dr Cris Piessens ethos of unparalleled patient care begins with the first consultation.

Quoted fees are all inclusive (no hidden extras)

Any additional consultations are free

The clinic offers a full practice service including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, general and emergency dentistry, oral hygiene and and teeth whitening.

The Implant Suite at the clinic was inaugurated in 2003 to provide the latest equipment and technology in a sterile environment for placing dental implants.

His clinical experience and continued academic postgraduate courses have made him a leading practitioner in the field of dental implants and oral rehabilitation. With his significant level of expertise you know you are in safe and experienced hands.

All staff at the Cris Piessens Dental Clinic speak fluent English
All staff at the Cris Piessens Dental Clinic are members of the Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas (the regulatory body for Portuguese dentists). The medical & dental diplomas of all staff members are valid in every country of the European Union.


If you want efficient, competent, good value service, use Cris!
What would have taken months in the UK was completed by Cris in days.My implants are superb. I felt totally comfortabe through the whole proceedure.
Value excellent! Manner excellent. Results excellent!
Recommendation Any time!

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