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Rua dos Caliços, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal

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Rua dos Caliços, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal

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General / Emergency Dentistry

During the last decade dentistry has changed probably more than any other field of medicine. "21st-century-dentistry" has become highly specialized, uses modern technologies and recently developed materials. No more slow–speed drilling or painful manipulations that leave you with unattractive, health-jeopardising, mercury-containing amalgam fillings. The age of aesthetics, comfortable treatment and natural strong fixed tooth replacement has arrived and is part of our daily life.

Having your teeth cleaned is a first step to achieving healthy teeth and gums. Our hygienists have all graduated from a three-year university course and are highly qualified and experienced. Instead of scaling with sharp "hooks and knives", they will remove all debris and plaque with gentle, soft vibrating ultrasonic scalers and polish away stains using a powder jet with micro pearls of salt, leaving the tooth surface smooth and clean.

Before further treatment we will use digital X-rays to diagnose any other problems. Exposure to radiation will be kept to the absolute minimum, as the X-ray is seen instantly on the computer screen, allowing the doctor to zoom in, change contrasts and even visualize in 3D. Nowadays there is a very large spectrum of filling materials, such as resin composite, glasionomers or pure ceramics, that enable your dentist to treat your teeth and restore them in a way that keeps them looking very natural.

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Emergency Dentistry

There is also an emergency service available for anyone who needs urgent treatment – a short call to +351 966017783 to explain the problem will bring swift help.

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